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Ready to show yourself more love?

I help women increase self love by helping them shift negative self image, practice self care, as well as create standards and healthy boundaries.

Please take a look at the services I have listed below to see which one is right for your situation. My sessions are conducted via phone call. If you prefer a Zoom session please let me know on your intake form.

Life Coaching Session

My individual coaching sessions are tailored to your needs. These session are perfect for when you just need some advice on a smaller issue or just need to be heard.

Price $115

What's included with a session:

Who this session is for:

Enforce Standards & Healthy Boundaries Program

Standards and boundaries are essentially the requirements that you set for your life and relationships. Every woman needs them but not every woman has them. If that sounds like you then this program is what you need.

Price $400

What's included in this program:

Who this program is for: